July can be hot and dry, and it is usually the lawns that suffer first. Understanding how to prepare your lawn for the warmer weather is key to having a great looking lawn in July.

  • Proper watering – your lawn needs at least an inch of rain per week to do well. If Mother Nature isn’t providing it, then it is up to you. Set your irrigation system to give your grass a thorough watering in the evening, once a week. A deep soaking is more beneficial than a light sprinkling more often, as the thorough watering will encourage a deeper root system. In dry periods, a deep root system will keep your lawn looking great.
  • Do not cut too short – if you are cutting your grass short, set your mower so it leaves the blades at least two-and-a-half inches long. Longer grass will not burn from the heat as quickly as short grass.
  • Using Products – There are many products out on the market. Depending on the state of your lawn will dictate the product you require. Weeds in your lawn; a good weed and feed will do just great. Once your weeds have gone then look for a product like aftercut that will enhance the thickness, make it more green and add new grass seeds to the lawn.
  • Edge along walks and driveways – Use an edger to keep the grass from creeping over onto the sidewalk or driveway. By keeping the paving clean, you will also be keeping the focus on your lawn.
  • It’s not all about the grass – planting flowers and shrubs will give your lawn the curb appeal it deserves. Green is a great backdrop for the reds, pinks, oranges and other colours that adorn your garden.
  • Mushrooms on your lawn – in the event you have a wet July, you may find yourself with mushrooms on your lawn. The best way to  keep the grass looking great is to pick the mushrooms as soon as they appear. To prevent the spread of the fungi, it is important to thoroughly clean your mower after each use.

There are more challenges to contend with when the weather is hot and dry, but by following the steps above you should be able to enjoy a green, luscious lawn well into August or later. The most important factor is to water thoroughly less often; by doing that the rest of the lawn care should be a piece of cake.